Chloe Lamb – Chloe Lamb 0% Dupe BG pack 2023 OnlyFans

Chloe Lamb – Chloe Lamb 0% Dupe BG pack 2023 OnlyFans

Still going (somewhat) strong after over a decade, I present to you, the fine people of Emp, a humble pack of Chloe Lamb videos that feature:

Regular fuckin’,
and general cumsluttery.

Her BG content seems to be aging like a fine wine, with Chloe presumably entering her peak libido years. In a few of these videos, her partner blows his load on her stomach and she shoves his member right back in. In my opinion, the crown jewel of this pack is "2023-02-01…" where he fills her up with his load in doggy, gives her a brief respite, and then, without cleaning up, goes back in and gives her another creampie in missionary. Very hot indeed.

The first 3 videos are edited versions of videos that can be found here already, with the first two being self explanatory. The third video I fixed by splicing in the cumshot from the compilation she sent out, because for some reason in the original video they decided to fade to black after a couple spurts. Shoutout to the Graide Color Match plugin for VEGAS Pro, you can’t even tell it’s been spliced (unless you look at the onlyfans url at the bottom right). Everything else is completely new, and I combined a few of the videos that she decided to send out in clips for whatever reason. Hope you all enjoy!

Total files: 30 | Total size: 8.86 GB | Video quality: HD | File types: mp4

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