LTL Giantess Studios @giantessclips – Exclusive OnlyFans Leaked Rip with 622 videos

LTL Giantess Studios @giantessclips – Exclusive OnlyFans Leaked Rip with 622 videos

Welcome to LTL Giantess – the TOP RANKED giantess Onlyfans page, where your biggest fantasies to life! Over 60 of the hottest models on one page! While we specialize in giantess content, we have plenty of other fetishes! You won’t find another Onlyfans like ours!

What Is Macrophilia? Sex Experts Explain Why Giantess Porn Turns People On.
"Even if you wanted to take control, you’re totally helpless. I know a lot of guys enjoy the element of feeling insignificant."

THANKS TO FALSE yet persistent perceptions of masculinity in our culture, a lot of men would cringe at the idea of being thought of as short, or worse, small. (One survey found that 80% of men have exaggerated their height on dating apps.)

But for people with an interest in macrophilia, or giantess kinks, the idea of being tiny is a total turn-on. People with a giantess kink may watch giantess porn, and they love the idea of a giant woman towering over them, or of being shrunk down, Honey I Shrunk The Kids style, so that their partner is a giant by comparison.

The idea of a giant woman as a sex symbol (and often a figure of destruction and mayhem) has been around for a while. The early days of sci-fi cinema saw cult hits like 1958’s Attack of the 50 Foot Woman; in the movie poster, a giant woman, scantily-clad in a white bikini and mini skirt, straddles a highway. Since then, tongue-in-cheek pastiches and B movies have also featured this same hot-giant-woman trope. There’s Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader (which delivers pretty much what it promises), Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold (ditto), and the DC Comics character Giganta. Recently, White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge posed as a city-wrecking giantess in a quirky W Magazine photoshoot with iconic fashion photographer Daniels.

And then there’s giantess porn. There are almost 6,000 videos for the search term "giantess" on PornHub. Some of these videos are animated, showing men climbing into the vaginas of gigantic women, being lifted up and flung about, or getting squashed beneath the giantess’ body. In other videos, real performers use false perspectives to make themselves look huge and jeer down at the camera, giving the viewer the POV of a tiny person staring up helplessly.

Why do people have giantess kinks?
Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., a researcher at the Kinsey Institute and member of the Men’s Health Advisory Panel, interviewed 4,175 Americans about their sexual fantasies for his book Tell Me What You Want. He found that 1 in 3 expressed an interest in mythical creatures of some kind.

Based on the way it’s depicted in porn, "There tend to be strong themes of dominance and submission, so the root of the appeal likely stems from an interest in power play,” Lehmiller explains. Although many kinks involve aspects of power play, the fantasy elements of macrophilia could be a way for men to engage with a taboo with less shame, because the "giant" has removed agency from the person in the more submissive role.

All of these AMAZING models are featured on the Larger Than Life Giantess Onlyfans Page (/giantessclips):

Alexia Woods AlexiaWoods11
Alice Faye alicexbabyx
Anna anna_giantess
Berrie Wine strawberrie_wine/
Blondi blondifeet
Charley Atwell charleyatwell
Charlie Pryde charliepryde
Dani Ashley daniashley
Danielle Maye daniellemaye
Delilah Dee delilahdee
Effy Stone effy_stone
Freckled Feet freckled_feet
Freya freyafin
Giantess Charlie leggybrunette
Giantess Chloe
Giantess Debora giantess.debora
Giantess Ginger theladystrides
Giantess Nelly giantess_nell
Goddess Fina Goddess_Fina
Jacqui Ryland officialladyjac
Jasmine jasmine_m
Kitty Quinn xkittyxquinnx
Larna larnaronlyfans
Mia Hope tempehxsgh
Miss Kole misskole
Mistress Jade mistressjxx
Ms Knockerz msknockerz
Onyx Kim onyxkimx
Penny Pennysfootporn
Queen Mother Soles qsladygiant
Red Rum red_rum_xxx
Roxie Rusalka roxierusalka
Shaley shaleyssecrets/
Sloan Moans sloansmoans
Sugar whitehottie
Summer Stone summerstone
Sweet Vickie sweetvickie
Titania Orion titania_orion
Whitney Morgan mswhitneymorgan
Valery Maxwell giantessvalery
Vanna sweet_vanna
Zelda goddesszeldafeet11

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